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A convention is an event where the attendees can meet their favorite actors, it takes place only 1 or 2 day's), depending of the event itself. A pass is mandatory to attend a convention. During a convention, the attendees will be able to assist to Q&A sessions, do autographs, be photographed by a professional photographer with the actors and more activities.

Activities :

An extra is paid access to an activity with one or more guests.

It is imperative to have a pass, whatever it is, to buy an extra.

Other extras can be added to the box office if the guests want and/or offer it.

They will all be available at the ticket office.

Any personal photo is prohibited during all these extras, under penalty of being excluded from the convention.

Ticketing :

According to our online ticket office, you will be able to pay for your pass and extras in several monthly installments (at least 2). You will be debited automatically according to the date given on your confirmation ticket.

If you have any concerns, the ticket office will contact you.


Passes and extras can be picked up the Friday before the event, as well as the Saturday and Sunday morning before the start of the convention. For those who plan to arrive late, a permanence will be held at the extra stand. 

It is imperative that you collect your pass and extras in the form of a ticket before the start of the event and your activities in order to be able to attend. 

After the event:

No, except in the case of a specific announcement.

In case of problem :

If you have made a payment in several instalments, it is normal that you have not received your tickets. You will receive them when the entire order has been paid for. 

Otherwise, you can collect your tickets directly from the box office in the "I haven't received my tickets" tab 


This is a book/notebook where words, montages, photos, poems, or any other fan creations, are listed in a pretty and original way, intended for an actor present at a convention.

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