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Terms and Conditions


The current terms and conditions are implemented for all the sales and purchases for events organized after February 8th, 2024, and through the Clouds Con (headquarters are situated at 34 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 78300 Poissy, France) website and their clients.

Clouds Con is a joint stock company, whose SIREN number is 903 068 948 and located at 34 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 78300 Poissy, France. 

The parties involved in those Terms and Conditions are the seller (Clouds Con) and the buyer. 

The Terms and Conditions rule over exclusively the contractual relation between the client and the society.


The purchase of a pass or any other ticket for an event organized by Clouds Con implies that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions shown below. We encourage you to take note of those Terms and Conditions and read them carefully.


1.To the Events in Live Person


1.Entry tickets (passes) and Extras

It is mandatory to buy an Entry ticket (pass) for everyone who wants to attend the conventions organized by Clouds Con. The Entry ticket (pass) is nominative, non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and can’t be changed. If you buy some extras without a pass, they won’t be refunded. Different kinds of tickets are available for sale from the moment the convention is announced, until a cutoff date given ahead of time before the event. Every Pass (except for the guide pass) you get will allow you to buy extras from the ticketing service: autographs, photo shoots, meeting rooms, parties…

Every pass and extra that you buy bears your name so you will have to provide us with that information when you get your ticket, as well as an email address. You will then receive an e-ticket to this email address and you will be able to have your pass issued on the day of the convention or on the day before when the event takes place. We will ask you to bring an ID to verify your identity. No alteration will be made to the ticket.

It is possible to buy a ticket for another person by sharing their name and email address at the time of the purchase.

Reselling pass is strictly forbidden.

The prices on our ticketing service are exempt from the fees when you are purchasing tickets, Clouds Con won’t refund the fees if the event is canceled. However, prices can be different for the same Pass/Extra from one event to another.


2. Terms & Methods of Payment

A ticketing service will be set up as soon as the convention is announced. You will be able to pay using a credit card. This method of payment is strongly recommended.

You will be able to pay with a bank transfer or PayPal. However, these methods take more time to process. You will get your e-ticket upon receipt of your completed payment.

Some entry tickets and extras may be payable in several installments.

You will then receive an email with a payment schedule that explains the due dates and the amount you have to pay for each installment. If the statutory time limits allowed for payments to be made have elapsed, your tickets will be canceled. No refunds will be possible then.


3. Transfer of Ownership

A ticket or an extra will be sent to you once full payment is received. 


4. Refunds

The passes and extras can only be refunded if the event is canceled or postponed (see section 1.6). The refunds will be effective under 3 months after the cancellation announcement.

Reselling passes or extras is forbidden, except with exceptional authorization from Clouds Con. Pass are nominative, reselling your pass without our consent will impact the new buyer who won’t have access to the event.


Transportation fees are under the participant's responsibility. The inability to come to an event not related to Clouds Con responsibility cannot be a motive for a reimbursement.


A cancellation insurance independent from Clouds Con is available if possible. The terms and conditions of those reimbursements cannot be linked to Clouds Con 


5. Rights of withdrawal

The client has the possibility to book tickets online. The legislation concerning distance selling allows for a 14-day period of withdrawal, except for certain cases as stated in article L.221-28 of the French consumer code. 


Leisure services provided at a given date or period such as the ones provided by Clouds Con fall under these exceptions. 


Therefore, the client cannot use their right of withdrawal, as stated in article L.221-28.


6. Minors

Minors are accepted at our event and can come alone if they are between 16 and 18 and carry a parental consent form (the form is available on our website) signed by an adult and with a photocopy of their ID. 

Minors under the age of 16 will be able to attend the event organized by Clouds Con only if they are accompanied by someone who is over the age of legal majority and who also has purchased a ticket. This person will be responsible for the underage participant


7. Modifications of the Events

Clouds Con reserves the right to modify the dates, places, or guests of one of the events they host. Any purchase following a modification from the organization will apply to those changes. If the place of the event has to change, Clouds Con does not reimburse for hotel or transportation expenses, or any passes and extras.

If a guest is not able to make it to the event, Clouds Con will give you an adequate solution for this guest’s extra purchase but your pass won’t be refunded.

If the events are postponed, the attendees will get the possibility to be refunded.

The attendees will have to send to Clouds Con proof of their unavailability to attend the events. The refunds will always be done after the events in case of postponement. In case of a postponed event, attendees will also have the possibility to confirm all previously purchased tickets for the new dates.


8. Conduct of the Events

You will be given a bracelet and a lanyard at the same time you pick up your ticket and extras. You will have to wear it throughout the convention. The Clouds Con

team members as well as the security team will need to check that you are wearing it to enter the convention area as well as any activities areas. Without your bracelet and lanyard, you would be asked to leave the convention area. 

Extras will happen at a fixed time. You will be able to access the waiting line for the extra session only if you have your lanyard and extra ticket corresponding to the extra session happening at that time.

For the event to take place as smoothly as possible for you and the guests, a schedule on an indicative basis will be available ahead of the event with different time frames for all the different activities. This schedule can be modified on-site for the smooth running of the event.

If you are not present for an extra, we can’t guarantee you will be able to do them later during the convention. Refunds won’t be possible if you miss an extra.

Every pass sold by Clouds Con is a one or two-day pass for an event (see pass description). If you brought a two-day pass and you can’t make it only on one day, the extras you brought for the day you will be absent won't be refunded nor done over during the other day you are attending. 

Clouds Con can’t be held responsible for how the photos turn out (closed eyes, grimace…). Only blurry and not properly centered photos will be able to have a do-over. 

We also can’t be held responsible for a wrongly spelled name on an autograph. 

Gifts to the guests are allowed, if they are not bulky or disrespectful, during the autograph sessions and 1-1. For safety and hygienic reasons, the participants can’t offer food to the guests.


9. Photos, videos and image rights

Videos are strictly forbidden throughout the whole event. If we catch you filming you will be expelled from the event without any refund possible and also a possibility of being banned from all future events if repeat offense.

Photographs will follow different rules depending on each event and guest. Not following those rules will also be subject to definitive expulsion without any refund.

If a participant is an inconvenience to other participants, the staff members are reserved the right to issue warnings.

If several warnings are issued to one participant, they might be asked to leave the Q&A or the convention site if they repeat the offense.

Photos and videos are forbidden outside of the Q&A.

By purchasing a pass and attending one of Clouds Con’s events, you give us the right to use your image, including for any advertising and commercial use, on our website or social media.


10. Disable access and handicap situation

It’s important to Clouds Con that all our events are accessible to most people.

A Disable access can be given to the attendee who is presenting with any health issue. This access will give you priority access to all your activity. However, it doesn’t give the right to a specific seating placement.  If you need a specific seating placement, the application will need to be done by email and justified. 

To validate this status, you will need to send an email to Clouds Con ahead of the convention with all the supporting documents.

The supporting documents accepted are : 

  • A validated disability/handicap card 

  • A medical certificate dating less than 3 months

One unique guide pass can be delivered freely for all the attendees with a validated disability/handicap card. Guide pass holders won’t be able to do any activities or extras.

Any pending application form for a disability status will not be a supporting document accepted for the Disable access. 


11. Conformity

All your personal belongings are under your own surveillance and responsibility.

Clouds Con is not responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of your personal effects.

The schedule of an event can be modified before or on the day of the convention.

Audible and visual announcements in French and English will be made throughout the event so please remain vigilant. No refunds are possible because of those modifications.

Clouds Con reserves the right to refuse participants who will interfere with the good functioning of the event (defamation, aggression, non-compliance with the rules, threat to other attendees…) and can ask such participants to leave the premises of the convention with no refunds due.

Clouds Con could change the general terms of use of an event at any time of the year. By purchasing a pass or an extra for an event hosted by Clouds Con, you are committed to respecting the general terms of use.


12. Health Crisis / COVID-19 INFORMATIONS


The health crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adapt sanitary measures to our event.

We are mandatory to ask the attendees for any document related to restrictions decided by the French government.

Clouds Con will not be responsible for any potential modifications because of COVID-19 or any health crisis.

Clouds Con will not refund the attendees who can not provide any proof required at the event.

If an attendee cannot show any proof, the entry will be refused, and will not be refunded for the passes and extras bought online.

A mask and barrier gestures will be asked according to French government restrictions and potential requests from the guests and their agents.


2. The Virtual Events

The virtual events will be done on ZOOM.


1. Passes and extras

A pass is not mandatory to attend a Clouds Con virtual event. To access the activities, however, an extra ticket is required. Extra tickets are personal, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-changeable. All tickets are also non-transferable to third parties. Several activities are available for purchase until a certain deadline which is communicated ahead of the event. All tickets are also non-transferable.

Extras are strictly personal; therefore, you must provide us with your last name, first name and e-mail address when purchasing them. You will then receive an e-ticket at the e-mail address you provided.

No changes will be made to tickets.

It is possible to buy an extra ticket for another person. To do so, simply fill in the last name, first name and e-mail address of the person you want to buy the ticket for.

Reselling extras is strictly forbidden.

The prices indicated on the online ticketing are free of any associated fees. In the event of a refund, Clouds Con will not reimburse any fees charged by the online ticketing as these are not Clouds Con's responsibility.

Prices may vary for the same extra from one event to another.

E-mails that include the links to all activities are strictly personal and must not be shared. Failure to comply with this rule will result in permanent exclusion from the event and from all future events.



2. Terms & Payment methods

An online ticketing service will be set up where you can pay by credit card. This method of payment is highly recommended.

Payment by wire transfer or Paypal takes longer to process, and your e-ticket will only be sent to you once your payment has been received in full.


3. Transfer of Ownership

An extra will be sent to you only once full payment is received.


4. Refunds

Extras are refundable only in the event of total cancellation of an event by Clouds Con. Refunds will be made within three months following the cancellation announcement.

Reselling extras is forbidden, unless one is granted exceptional authorization from Clouds Con.


5. Right of withdrawal

You have the possibility to book tickets online. The legislation concerning distance selling allows for a 14 days period of withdrawal, except for certain cases as stated in article L.221-28 of the French consumer code. Leisure services provided at a given date or period of time such as the ones provided by Clouds Con fall under these exceptions. Therefore, you cannot use their right of withdrawal, as stated in article L.221-28.


6. Minors

Minors are allowed to attend events alone if they are over sixteen years old.

Individuals under the age of sixteen may also attend Clouds Con events, provided they are accompanied by an adult over eighteen years old.

This person must not have a ticket for the activity in question, and must ensure the minor behaves appropriately.



7. Modifications of Events

Clouds Con reserves the right to modify the dates and the guests of its events. A purchase made after these parameters have been changed is applicable to these parameters. A purchase made before the change may result in you being unable to attend the event. If a guest cancels their appearance to one of our events (for professional reasons, for example), we will provide you with a suitable solution for the extras purchased. In the event of postponement of events, participants will have the opportunity to be refunded within a given period of one month.


8. Conduct of the Events

When logging on to Zoom, please ensure that your first and last names match those on your confirmation tickets. If this is not the case, you will be denied access to the activity.


Extras take place at fixed times. You will only be able to access the queue and extra sessions if you are in possession of your corresponding extras. To ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible for you and for the guests, a schedule is drawn up with times and must be respected.

If you are not present at the time of an extra, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access it at another time. No refunds will be given for missed extras. Several announcements will be made on our Twitter account (@CloudsCon) as well as in the Zoom queue.

We ask that you check your microphone, camera and internet connection beforehand to avoid any technical problems during the event.

Clouds Con will not be held responsible for any technical problems disrupting the smooth running of your activity.


9. Photos, videos and image rights

Photos and videos are strictly forbidden during activities. By purchasing a ticket for an extra you agree to be recorded during the event. All recordings are for private use only and must not be shared or published on any digital platform.

In the event of sharing or publication, you expose yourself to legal proceedings for infringement of guests' image rights.

By purchasing an extra for Clouds Con's virtual event, you allow for your likeness to appear on photos or video recordings that Clouds Con may use for advertising or commercial purposes as part of the promotion of its activity (websites, professional pages on social media, advertisements, etc.).



10. Conformity

An event’s schedule can be modified at any time, even on the day of the event itslef. Visual announcements in several languages will be made during the event, particularly in the waiting room. You need to pay attention to these. No refunds will be given due to these changes. Clouds Con reserves the right to expel or refuse entry to its events to anyone who harms the organization or the event (defamation, aggression, failure to respect rules, etc.) without refund. The Clouds Con organization may change the terms and conditions of sale at any time. Purchases made prior to this change will still be subject to the conditions applicable at the time of the order. By purchasing an extra ticket for one of Clouds Con's events, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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